Safely overcoming barriers of Digitalization! 

We are looking over the fence

Our highly skilled engineers come with working experience in a number of different industries like e.g. raw materials and mining, drilling and construction, tunneling, defense, agricultural machines, marine, vehicles, heavy transport and airports/aviation. Together with our intrinsic approach to safety we are guiding and accompanying our customers from the idea to the commercial use of highly innovative and efficient solutions. With sound physical and mathematic knowledge and the aim to produce simple and efficient solutions.
In all our work we “look over the fence” and think the entire solution which makes us an ideal partner for the integration of complex interdisciplinary mechatronic systems.

Our services for your ideas

“Digitalization” of mobile machines means to turn traditional machine building into mechatronic system design which requires sound understanding of the technology available in combination with the ability to understand our customer demands and to contribute with experience from a number of different industries we were and we are working in. This makes MobileTronics the ideal partner for system integration of electronics, software, Functional Safety and IT into mobile machines. Contact us to start discussing your ideas and demands for new, digital business models with and around your mobile machines! We carry out system integration project for small and medium size OEM’s as well as for world leading corporations.

Since 2017 we are designing High Voltage DC systems (700V) for use on transport equipment and mobile machines. Both powered by LiIO Battery systems and also supported by hybride generators. Our integral We perform duty cycle and battery capacity calculations and we help our customers to design their machines in the most energy efficient way to save battery cost and to extend range and/or battery working time.

Our experience in Functional Safety and steer-by-wire / brake-by-wire on mobile machines goes back to 2015, when we were implementing the world’s first tunnel supply train on tires without the need for steel rails. These fully electronically controlled transport trains were safely completing over 250.000km partly on a 2,5km long 12% decline!
This was enabled by thorough safety evaluation, development in accordance to the “V-Model” (EN13849) and a choice of redundant safety controllers with intelligent logic for an automatic fail-over. Our functional safe solutions focus on keeping the safety related software simple in order to minimize cost and effort for documentation, validation and maintenance.

The fully electronic control and track-in-track motion of multi axle systems is one of our core compentences. The track-in-track motion does not only apply to the control of wheel based vehicles but also to crawler systems: We demonstrated this on a 75m long and 750t heavy machine resting on 5 crawlers already in 2014. For this machine we prepared the mathematics, tested the algorihms on a scale model and transferred it successfully to the target machine.
Our steer-by-wire competence also covers the track-in-track movement of e.g. agricultural trailers. We look forward to take your challenges!

Digital transformation means to make highest possible use of the information generated by the operation of your machines. This starts with the user interface of the driver: All our user interfaces are network based and can be accessed and used on board of the machine or remotely. This is an essential precondition for remote supervision and autonomy. For the graphic design we cooperate with professionals from aviation where quick and safe decision making is essential.
For our own products and for customer projects we are running databases in the cloud to store product information, configurations and operational data. Ask us for your individual solution!

We provide driver assistance systems (like auto-steering) and Collission avoidance which after some time of manual use may be turned into fully autonoms systems. Our systems as far as possible focus on deterministic sensors as well as deterministic algorithms in order to be able to achieve functional safe systems.
Together with a big world leading customer we currently certifing a first mixed traffic system for Functional Safety!

How we can help you

MobileTronics is your project guide: Regardless whether you may have an idea for a new machine, you want to rationalize your worksite by autonomous machine operation or if you want to integrate mobile equipment into your IT infrastructure. MobileTronics is your guide from the idea to implementation.

Digitalization” or “Industry 4.0” means much more than just “putting another computer onboard the machine”: It means to make software and electronics an integral part of the functional machine design: Digitalization means to produce mechatronic systems rather than mechanics driven machines! And because the software will be the most valuable part of design, it has to be re-used as much as possible to be cost effective!

Therefore you need MobileTronics as an experienced guide to mechatronics system development up to fully autonomous machines and mobile systems. Together with you we are evaluating all the alternatives for e.g. traction, steering, brakes of a vehicle on their functional and economic impact in order to find the best possible “development route” for your project.

These concepts are finally documented in a pre study or directly in the project specification to have a good foundation for your project implementation and in order to prevent from late project surprises.

If you want more specific information feel free to reach out.

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