The onboard computer for extreme environments

Make your machines smart by enabling wireless communications and connecting machines among each other (M2M). Or use the device as a very rugged Accesspoint / Router in your infrastructure!

⸻ Mobile Machine Gateway

The MMG acts as a gateway to enable wireless communication for various mining machines. It improves their efficiency and is a precondition for “Smart Machine” functionality as well as for machine-to-machine communication. Using the MMG, the on board machine network can be fully separated from the general site network. Additional firewall and enhanced network security functions according to recent best practice are available. The MMG can be used in installations with wireless hot spot coverage as well as in environments with permanent WiFi coverage.
Also the MMG is ideal for use as infrastructure device – like as an access point in very harsh environments like in underground mines, in tunnels or harsh outdoor environments.


  • Onboard data acquisition
  • Independent wireless hardware interfaces
  • Antenna diversity
  • Built in Gbit managed switch
  • Data analysis for preparation of reports for operation and maintenance
  • Storing information and transfering when the WiFi is available
  • “Machine Black Box” – data recorder which can be used for analysis of failures or operational circumstances
  • “Machine Server” – website for additional operator communication, work order handling or for remote machine access


  • Uncomplicated machine network integration
  • Separate local Wi-Fi access point on the machine for undisturbed service access
  • Seamless Roaming, fully Wi-Fi standard conform
  • Customized software and configuration possible
  • Machine network security options
  • Software and configuration authentication options
  • Extensible to a complete Machine Web Server or data logger
  • Use as access point and Infrastructure computer
  • Ideal to run customized application software


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