Coming Soon: Remote Service for the Volvo Driving System

30. October, 20231 Minute

Month: October 2023

Remote Gateway

Soon the Remote Gateway will be available, a new product that allows us to support the driver remotely in case of problems with the driving system. In addition, we will be able to make non-safety-relevant software adjustments without the need for an employee to be on-site – a tremendous time-saving in case of required updates or troubleshooting.

The Remote Gateway will not be permanently connected to the truck. For remote access, the driver sets up a hotspot with his mobile phone and connects the Remote Gateway to the SOPHIE-RC controller.

Volvo SOPHIE-RC Driving System: New Features

30. October, 20232 Minutes

Month: October 2023

Thanks to the feedback from drivers and operators, we have now completed software version 2.0.0 for the Sophie-RC driving system. This version brings a variety of new features and improvements, which not only make operation easier but also ensure an even safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Here is an overview of the new functions:

  • Hill Start Assist: This function facilitates starting on a slope by preventing the vehicle from rolling back.
  • Gear Selection and Display of Gears in the Remote Control: You now have full control over the gear selection directly in your hand, including a display that shows you the current gear at all times.
  • Faster Steering (adjustable): The steering speed has been significantly increased compared to previous versions. Additionally, there is now the possibility to configure the steering speed individually for each vehicle.
  • Speed Limitation Below 5 km/h: Previously, it was not possible to adjust the maximum speed below 5 km/h. This changes with the new software version. Adjustments to, for example, 3 km/h are now easily possible.*
  • Individual Adjustment Options for Throttle, Brake, and Steering: With the new adjustment options, you can precisely tailor the response of the throttle, brake, and steering to your needs, for a smooth and precise driving experience.

*The speed limitation is a thrust control without power loss. During downhill driving, this does not necessarily affect the speed, so the set Volvo parameter limits the speed here, or the driver has to engage the service brake.

Student jobs

Software – / Systems – Engineer (B.Sc / M.Sc. / PhD)
Student practice / Internship / Summer job

incl. the possibility of a final thesis in our company

At MT-Silesia you will become part of an enthusiastic team that already turned a number of
world innovations into daily working reality! Under our professional supervision you will
participate in developing applications of Safety Control (e.g. steer-by-wire and brake-by-
wire), driver assistance and autonomous control of mobile equipment.

Later this year you may also have the unique possibility to get an additional
qualification as “Certified Functional Safety Engineer” by TÜV Süd.

You bring...

  • Technical enthusiasm
  • Good physical and technical understanding
  • A bit of handywork experience
  • Creativity and curiosity for new innovations
  • Organised and motivated (team) work capabilities
  • Understanding of the importance of safety
  • Good spoken english
  • Interest in long term collaboration
  • Little experience with C or C++
  • Excitement for navigation algorhithms

You will work in projects like...

  • Functional safe automation
  • Driver assistance
  • Navigation and autonomie of vehicels and mobile machines


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MobileTronics on Construction Equipment Forum

3. October, 20231 Minute

Month: October 2023

On Oct 10-11 the Construction Equipment Forum takes place in Berlin.
MobileTronics is represented by our CEO, Dr. Christoph Müller who
together with experts from Intercontrol and Tüv Süd will host the
Executive Workshop: “/Autonomous Work Machines – Learning Experiences
from Practice for the Construction Site of the Future”. /In addition,
MobileTronics is represented on the exhibition together with our partner
Intercontrol .

New Web Presence

3. October, 20231 Minute

Month: October 2023

Welcome to the new Internet presence of the MobileTronics group companies!
Now you find all information of MobileTronics in Ladbergen (D) and
MT-Silesia in Wroclaw (PL) in one single place.
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