FOSS-A  –  the first fail-operational safety-system for road-trains


Fail-operational safety-systems are the base for high-level-automation of mobile machines. Wherever mobile machines are operated on higher speeds, interact with other machines or transport humans an absolute maximum of safety is essential.

Imagine a fail-safe operation on such machines – this means in case of failure you switch off the vehicle running high speed just in front of a curve. This does not only sound like a bad idea. For any mobile machine running speeds higher than 2m/s this means all fail-safe systems are simply not enough. A full fail-operational system is needed.

MobileTronics´ FOSS-A makes fail-operation possible. This system brings the needed safety to mobile machine control-systems for operation of Roadtrains, combined vehicles and other drive-by-wire systems. It fully complies with the machine-directive, EN13849 and can be certified.

Ask us how this system can be implemented into your ideas and make them a success-story.